Save Your Digital Signage Playlist in Our Media Library for Later Use

media library

Media Library - Quick Content Access

Managing media library is never been easier before. We have made archived folder structure to arrange your media and templates. No more confusion when you want to schedule a new content, it is neatly organized in structured folders. Create as many folders as you need and arrange your files to avoid future scheduling issues.

Permission based folder structure.
Content dimension and file size for matching with device dimension.
Store the edited content to folder of your choice.

Easy Access from Playlists

Once you created contents in the media library, it is easily accessible during the playlist scheduling. Your folder structure and search bar is available for quick content selection.

All your files will be easily accessible from playlists.
File dimension and preview helps to select right device.
Decide the files to be shared across your organization.

A user choosing contents from his playlist for displaying in digital screens
Media Library