Schedule Your Digital Signage Contents With Advanced Dayparting Feature

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Advanced Content Scheduling

As we all know how vital is to show the right content in right time and on right devices. From a simple banner to complex campaigns, our swift signage can do this for you in few simple steps. For easy management, we have made the device grouping and media library folder archiving tools to make this scheduling a piece of cake.

Content Grouping with Start and End dates along with day parting.
Weekly/daily calendar to see content playing on devices.
Once published system will notify the update status!

Grouping Contents is Super Easy!

You can easily upload or use your own media library content to schedule the playlist. Simply select the content and select date range and time period to display the content and publish. Or if you need to utilize the peak times of when the device to show specified contents, use our advanced scheduling, which will take priority over the standard contents.

Swift Signage - fast, powerful and easy to use.
Content grouping and schedules are a click away.
System will alert you about pending publish.

Scheduling a content using tablet and desktop
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