Hospitality digital signage

Make visitors' stays easier and more engaging in hotels with Swift Signage's cloud-based digital solutions. With access to information and entertainment, Swift Signage significantly enhances the hotel guest experience.

Digital signage software for hotels

A better way to advertise

Along with providing guests with a comfortable stay, hotel staff can announce sales pitches or special promotions by using Swift signage. Consider it a better, less hard-sell way of showcasing your amenities, services, relevant products, and more.

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of hotel guests find digital signage engaging


of hotel guests say that digital sign displays enhance their experience.


Hospitality digital signage has seen a 20% increase in revenue from promotions and advertising.


Create a positive guest experience by investing in modern digital signage solutions like Swift Signage to make a guest’s stay valuable.

Customization of contents

Get complete control over the content displayed on your digital signage screens, and create a unique guest experience.


Utilize the time saving,intuitive solution to engage the visitors in a better way.

Multimedia Features

Rather than using static signs, display a combination of text, images, animations, and videos to engage guests better.

Room Status Indicators

Display the availability and status of conference rooms and event spaces, simplifying management of these areas.

Guest Interaction Metrics

Analyze how guests interact with digital signage to inform future content strategies and system improvements.

Interactive Touchscreens

Give visitors self-service choices via interactive touchscreens, including restaurant menus, local attractions, wayfinding, and booking services.

Welcome your guest in an engaging and personalised way

Place welcoming digital signage at the hotel's entrance to greet guests. The warm welcome visitors receive as soon as they see the signs leaves a lasting impression on them.

Centralized management

Make your hotel guests feel self reliant

With an interactive display right in your hotel lobby, you can provide your guests with a platform to find information quickly, conduct independent research, and make decisions without having to queue in line.

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Up-to-date event schedules

Host an event and let your guests know

Use Swift Signage to showcase event details on your screens easily, from the date, time, and location to the speaker, program, and more.

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Customizable maps

Access to travel information

Use Swift Signage to give your guests access to important travel information to help them plan their itineraries, like flight details, operation hours, and weather conditions that may affect their travel plans.

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Install directional signs for better navigation

It's not uncommon to get lost in a big hotel. Installing directional signage that indicates key locations within your building or setting up an interactive digital map in your hotel lobby will help you avoid it.


Create a positive guest experience by investing in modern digital signage solutions like Swift Signage to make a guest’s stay valuable.