Increase Diner Dwell time with Digital Menuboard Software

Digital menu board software is used to run promotions and encourage diners to make impulsive purchases.Tech-savvy diners find it interesting and stay longer in the restaurant, which will considerably amplify customer engagement. Flexible Swift Signage software offers dynamic and fully editable menu boards to display interactive menu cycles and remind customers of the restaurant forever.

Dynamic and easy digital signage for restaurants

Single-click menu updating across all devices

Stay away from human errors while moving the menus to the gadget. Using Swift Signage, you can schedule and play various menus flexibly and dynamically on any device at any time.

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decrease in apparent hold time


of patrons said that digital signage technology makes their dining experience better.


sales increase after deploying digital signage in a European restaurant.

Dine with fun!

Swift Signage elevates your dining experience to an advanced level with its extensive feature sets


Swift Signage’s cloud-based software solutions allow for easy control and scheduling of content across multiple screens from any location.

Advanced dayparting

With its advanced dayparting feature, one can easily schedule and run content at different times of the day.

Instant notifications

When your device goes offline or to publish status, Swift Signage will notify you immediately.

Built-In Editor

Create stunning content and easily edit it with the Swift Signage built-in editor and posterMyWall plugin.

Media library

After creating a digital signage playlist, save it in Swift Signage’s media library for later use.

Support Tickets

Raise a support ticket if you run into any trouble while publishing content. Immediate assistance is available to you via the Swift Signage platform.

Small Space, Big Impact with Swift Signage

Consider Swift Signage as a space-saving solution to display menus, events, social feeds, offers, and more. Stream your food preparation process videos and draw in consumers with enticing pictures of your best dishes!

Cafe digital menu board for customer engagement

Display your popular dish with mind-blowing visuals

Gone are the days of greeting your customers with the same old, traditional, three-fold brochure-printed template every time they walk in. Instead, use digital menu boards to draw in more potential customers and grab their attention with spectacular images and videos of your trending food.

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Text-ticker enabled digital signage for restaurants

Swift Signage: Your ticket to a successful event promotion

Use fancy screens of digital signage in restaurants to inform people about exciting gatherings and upcoming events. Easily promote events by using the interactive touchscreens on the cafe's digital menu board. The text ticker on the dashboard screen will update you with the recent news, announcements, and more

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Advanced digital signage for restaurants

Integrate Social Media into Digital Signage Platforms

Why let your clients wait longer for their food? In addition to showcasing your restaurant's voice, culture, and brand, the Swift Signage display board can amuse guests with its dynamic social feeds and encourage them to join in the fun by sharing a photo of their Instagram-worthy food (and tagging you!).

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Keep it simple and real with Swift Signage

Unlike a traditional CMS, Swift Signage is an intelligent, multi-platform-compatible, cloud-based content management system. With Swift Signage, real-time content and promotion updates are simple to accomplish. Its calendar view of schedules allows you to see exactly what content is playing where as well.


Drive sales with dynamic menu boards from Swift Signage and stay ahead of the competition.