Check Out How Digital Signage Works With Swift Signage

It's basically as easy as 1-2-3 to get started!

Sign Up for a Free Account

Your name and email address are all we need. No credit card or any bank details are needed for getting started with us! Once you Sign Up, you will receive an email for creating your username and password and make use those credentials in logging into our CMS (Swift Sign Management), no matter how far from your screens are. That means you can upload new media, edit or re-schedule contents remotely from your laptop or smartphone and your changes will appear on screens in seconds.

Install BannerEx App in Your Player

Install our BannerEx app on your media player if you have one, or get a pre-installed one from us. Once your device boots up after installation, it will display a 6-digit licence activation key on the screen. In order to activate and link the connection with the device, enter those key on one of your purchased licence registration fields from the DBS software platform (CMS). In this way, it simplifies the process significantly over the traditional method of connecting a keyboard and mouse to your end device for activation.

Schedule & Upload Your Media

Just schedule and upload images or videos, straight from your PC or smartphone! Alternatively, instead of uploading it each time, upload and save your favourite playlist to our Media Library and use it whenever you need it. Once everything is done, simply hit the "Publish" button to see all the scheduled contents on the screen.

Digital display boards running contents on a busy street

How to Display Your Content

Worried about uploading contents to the screen? We will help you do it!

Log in to Your DBS Account

Our simple cloud-based digital signage software enables you to access your account online from your computer or smartphone. No matter where you are, make changes to the content or your screens.

Upload Your Media

Just drag and drop the images or videos from your computer or select them from the playlist you have created in our media library, schedule and link your contents to the devices you want to display, and finally click the "Create" button. Your content will be saved under the list and is ready to go live now!

Hit the "Publish" Button

Get your contents on your device by simply hitting the publish button on your left navigation drawer. And remember, no matter where you are and where your screens are, create, schedule, and publish on the go!

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